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Question for current/past Franklin Pierce students

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Hey all:


I just had a pretty good interview at Franklin Pierce, but I'm reading some scary stuff on Reddit about high staff turnover and loss of precepting sites. I was impressed with my visit but these are things I wouldn't be privy to in a half day. Apparently one prof resigned in an open letter to students and called the school "a sinking ship"



I don't want to spread unfounded rumors or malign (and I am still hoping for an acceptance letter) but these are some serious considerations if true.


If you graduated from FPU I'd love to hear about your experience, please!


Thank you

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The program has its issues. Every PA program does though, and obtaining clinical sites can be a challenge for any program. You learn about your clinical sites pretty last minute usually, if you don't set them up yourself. Like any education though, you get what you put in. Current class on rotations beat the national average on the Packrat (the exam you take at the end of didactic year that helps you assess what you need to work on before the PANCE), which is a great accomplishment. So, if you decide to enroll in this program you will not get any bells and whistles (which is frustrating with the amount you are paying them), and you will have frustrations with disorganization, etc, but you can learn what you need to graduate, pass the PANCE and be a great PA...as long as you put the work in. And it's A LOT of work! Also, they have hired new staff since that e-mail that you referring to, so I think things are looking up.

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