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Contracted PRN Urgent Care Position

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I was currently offered an urgent care position PRN as a solo provider at a well-established UC associated with a large hospital system in Atlanta.


Offer is 1099 with $55/hr (no benefits).


I felt that this was rather low. BTW I work ortho surg M-F with rare weekend call, with 2+ years experience in ortho and 1.5 yrs (PRN) experience with UC.


Initial thoughts were to ask for $65/hr.


Any input appreciated.

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$55/hr is to low. As a 1099 you have to pay the other half of your social sec. tax (if working as an employee your employer would pay), which amounts to a hair over 6%. 55 x 0.6= 3.3. that's $3.30 per hour off the top. So you are down to $51.70/hr (if my math is correct). Also you don't have work comp unless you pay for it out of pocket. Check state laws regarding this. Lastly do you have to pay for your liability ins with tail (if applicable)?


The, "hidden" costs can add up quick, so be sure to do your due diligence before you make a decision.

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Once again


1099 does not work


This is only the employer trying to save. Money


If they get audited they will loose


You use their staff, their equimepement, their facility, you are an employee


As a 1099 I would say no less then $90/hour....... And even then you are gong to loose money on the deal if you are paying all your own taxes and insurance....

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