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So as those of you who are regulars here know, I'm doing 50% family med, 50% occupational med right now due to staff turnover at our practice.


AAPA-OM had some 'supervision' language on their website that I didn't like and didn't want to sign up for:


http://web.archive.org/web/20130323001829/http://www.aapaoccmed.org/Default.aspx?pageId=770961 (Note that this is an Internet Archive link)


I said as much, and now, a few months later, I got a very polite email from the society president:


"My name is Regina White. I am the president of AAPA-OM. I just wanted to inform you that we revised our description of the physician and PA relationship as you had mentioned. Please visit the website to view the revision.

"Any other questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.  Hopefully you can now join our organization."


Here's how the relevant page on their website looks now:




Straightforward change, supervision to collaboration, but that's what I'd asked for. Overall, not a bad throughput for a volunteer society, and I thought they should get public recognition for their efforts.  Good job AAPA-OM!

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Not yet.  The rest of their website is a bit out of date, and I don't know any other members firsthand.  I'm certainly considering it, but there's not a whole lot of immediately obvious benefit, even though the S-word has been removed.  I'd love to hear from current members on how they rate the value of joining.

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That's GREAT advocacy!



If we are giving shout outs to great organizations -

AAHCM American Academy Of House Call Medicine is equally responsive and in fact changed their whole name to take out Physician and make it more inclusive to the reality of today's medical world







Seriously this is how grass roots advocacy should work - each individual has to be their own advocate and if we do change is possible and likely!!



Great job!!!

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    • By JoePA314
      I live in a fairly decent size metropolitan area but work across state lines for a medical group with a small neurosurgery department. I am a salaried full time employee with the med group. There are now two surgeons who collaborate with me. But, the newer surgeon is actually paid by a local academic center and not the med group. The academic center has a business arrangement with the med group to provide 1 neurosurgeon 3 weeks a month. He is filling that role but also has agreements in place with the other surgeon in order to cover patients if an issue comes up.
      The medical group has furloughed most of the advanced providers across many specialties. Recently it sounds as if the med group does not want to keep my position. However the surgeon (who is paid by the academic center) is interested in continuing to have me work with him and hire me as a private assist to him. He is not in a position to provide benefits which is okay with me to negotiate around. It seems that being an independent contractor 1099 is not the correct way to be employed by him technically since I won't really determine my own hours or provide any materials etc. 
      Im looking for options on how to work with him. Does anyone have what appears to look like a standard supervisory arrangement with their surgeon but goes about it in an unconventional way? I really like the surgeon and he is loyal to me. He does his fair share of work and gives me the freedom to do a lot more than the other surgeon in the OR.
    • By ohiovolffemtp
      This month's ACEP Now has an article called "Optimizing our collaboration with Advanced Practice Providers".  It includes a statement: "Despite the publicized experiences of a few, the vast majority of APP's are, in fact, directly supervised for patients with Emergency Severity Index levels 1-3".
      While it's certainly not my experience in my current full-time job where I do solo coverage in a critical access hospital, it also wasn't my experience in my last full-time job in a level III trauma center staffed by one of the large national EM staffing companies.  I routinely saw mostly level 2-4, and only on some of the level 2's and 3's did I have "direct supervision".  Many of these patients I managed autonomously.  Sometimes the doc read the chart, other times it was a "do I need to see this patient?,  No, OK".  This even included patients I admitted.
      What are other folks experiences, especially those who aren't doing solo coverage?  Are folks running their patients by docs that much?  Are docs documenting face-to-face encounters that often?  A caveat, I have worked with docs who in an RVU based compensation environment pop in even on simple lacs.
      My concern is that ACEP isn't recognizing the difference between a new PA in their first few years of practice who's still learning EM vs a PA with 5+ years of experience who can and should practice largely autonomously using the EM doc as a consultant as needed, similar to how they should use other consultants like gen surg, cardiology, hospitalists, etc.
    • By LT_Oneal_PAC
      Didnt even know this was in the works! Implemented several components of OTP! Congrats NM!
    • By Jim Anderson
      I just wrote this on the Huffington Post blog, based in part on my mostly productive and positive conversations here with PAs recently about what AAPA needs to do. I am running for the AAPA Board Secretary-Treasurer position in the April 1 election, and I hope you will take a look.  
      Jim Anderson, PA-C, MPAS, ATC, DFAAPA
      (AAPA election page:  http://www.aapa.org/about_aapa/leaders/resources/item.aspx?id=7390)
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