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If you complain politely enough, they listen...

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So as those of you who are regulars here know, I'm doing 50% family med, 50% occupational med right now due to staff turnover at our practice.


AAPA-OM had some 'supervision' language on their website that I didn't like and didn't want to sign up for:


http://web.archive.org/web/20130323001829/http://www.aapaoccmed.org/Default.aspx?pageId=770961 (Note that this is an Internet Archive link)


I said as much, and now, a few months later, I got a very polite email from the society president:


"My name is Regina White. I am the president of AAPA-OM. I just wanted to inform you that we revised our description of the physician and PA relationship as you had mentioned. Please visit the website to view the revision.

"Any other questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.  Hopefully you can now join our organization."


Here's how the relevant page on their website looks now:




Straightforward change, supervision to collaboration, but that's what I'd asked for. Overall, not a bad throughput for a volunteer society, and I thought they should get public recognition for their efforts.  Good job AAPA-OM!

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Not yet.  The rest of their website is a bit out of date, and I don't know any other members firsthand.  I'm certainly considering it, but there's not a whole lot of immediately obvious benefit, even though the S-word has been removed.  I'd love to hear from current members on how they rate the value of joining.

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That's GREAT advocacy!



If we are giving shout outs to great organizations -

AAHCM American Academy Of House Call Medicine is equally responsive and in fact changed their whole name to take out Physician and make it more inclusive to the reality of today's medical world







Seriously this is how grass roots advocacy should work - each individual has to be their own advocate and if we do change is possible and likely!!



Great job!!!

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