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I am a first time applicant to PA Schools and I'm feeling a little nervous about my qualifications. I'm hoping to apply to this next 2016-2017 CASPA cycle and I would love any input on my stats. 


My Stats: 

Cumulative GPA: 3.727

Science GPA: (I haven't calculated this yet but it should be around the same as cumulative. I made all A's/B's in sciences courses. Maybe two C's.) 

Undergrad Major: Nutritional Sciences 

Verbal GRE: 160 

Quantitative GRE: 154

Writing GRE: 4


HCE Hours:

100 Hours CNA Clinical Hours (I was told some PA schools accept this as HCE) 

350 Hours as CNA/PCT on Orthopedics 

80 Hours as Clinical Lab Assistant 

1200+ Hours as Medical Assistant to Family Practice Clinic 

(I really want at least 2000 hours but I'm still a little bit off.) 


Letters of Rec:

- Family Physician I am currently working with

- Nurse Practitioner I am currently working with 

- Undergraduate Nutrition Professor Adviser 

- Physician Assistant I shadowed (Potentially?) 


Ideal PA Schools: 

- SLU 

- Baylor 

- George Washington University 

- MSU 

- (And another school. Probably one from CA but I'm still narrowing my options.) 


I'm currently taking an additional online anatomy course to prepare me for PA school this upcoming 2017. Is there anything in my application that I need to strengthen or add? Any input or encouragement would help at this point! 


Thank you for the input! 

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Have a strong essay. Get that PA letter of rec. you're applying to expensive schools, keep that in mind maybe throw in some more safety and cheaper state schools. Why add a CA school? Don't waste money on applying to schools you don't intend on going to. GPA is fine, GRE is fine, HCE is decent, doesn't jump out at me but it's there which is the most important thing. Definitely consider applying to a few cheaper schools as well, the cost of some of those programs are quite high. Good luck!

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Hey man. We had the same major. Good job on the GPA as I know there are some difficult courses to complete for it. I had similar stats (applied w/ like 1400 clinical hours). Just have a strong essay and apply early. There are a lot of users on here who can read over the personal statement and help you out. I sent them mine through private messenger and got some excellent feedback on my essay.

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Thanks for the feedback! I keep reading about people who have like 5000+ clinical hours and it's stressing me out thinking that I'm so far behind everyone else. I'm already lining up all my application materials - my goal is to have everything ready to plug in and go as soon as CASPA opens. 


I was considering a CA school because my sister recently moved out there so I thought it would be nice to live closer to her. Again, it was just a thought. CA schools are not only expensive but they have higher prereqs and last longer, so that's why I haven't really put one down in stone yet. Although I appreciate that input. 


And PAGuyu55, thanks for that. Most people when they hear 'Nutritional Sciences" they just hear "Nutrition" and think it's an easy major, when in reality, I took Biochem I&II, Orgo Chem I&II and worked just as hard as any advanced science major. :( It's nice to know that there's NS degrees like us in the PA field! 

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