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I am a new graduate in the northern VA/MD area (DC suburbs) and completed a 4 week derm rotation during clinicals. I received an offer recently and want to see how it compares to other derm PAs, and what I should negotiate for... Based on the recent AAPA salary report, a PA with 0-1 years of experience makes $90,000 in the 75% and $100,000 in the 90%, not including bonus. I would expect this area to make in 90% since it serves several of the "richest counties in the U.S." 


  • 78,000 base salary, reassessed after 5 months and again at one year (will shadow for first ~3 months)
  • 5 days per week, 9-5
  • Bonus- 20% after 300,000 generated
  • eligibility for health insurance after 3 months
  • $3000 CME annually
  • License fees paid
  • $50 tax free cell phone/month
  • 3 week paid vacation--- including sick/vacation/CME
  • Noncompete for 2 years after employment of 5 mile radius
  • Payment of your employer taxes and malpractice insurance premiums by the practice.


To compare, I recently got offered a family med offer also, paying $78,000 for first 3 months, then $80,000 with $2,000 CME, 3 weeks vacation, 1 week CME, 6 days sick leave, employer contributed health insurance, and covered dental insurance...


I know the salary is low, based on the area, even if I am shadowing/training for first few months. What should I renegotiate? I really want to work in dermatology and know that I need the experience to break into the field.

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Looks pretty decent to me. If you collect 700k for the practice in one year, which is I think a reasonable number after a couple years, that will get you 20% of 700-300k, or 20% of 400k = 80k. add this to your 78k salary to get 158k. 

If anything, I'd try to increase the base salary a bit. And of course training should be paid.

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Thanks everyone for the input. To update, I received another offer from a derm in northern VA for $85,000 for first 3 months, $90,000 after that. Benefits include health insurance (paid 50/50 by employer/employee), 2 weeks vacation, 10 sick days, CME approved by doctor, and 15% bonus after 350,000 in collections. 

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