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Hey guys I did not get accepted and did not get an interview either and wanted to see if anyone had any tips?

My GRE score was 305, GPA was 3.67 and science GPA was 3.38. I have over 1000 hours of patient contact hours but only about 60 hours of shadowing. I do plan on getting more shadowing before reapplying and maybe some more volunteering. Any other tips? Anything is appreciated!

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Like MT2PA said your numbers are decent, but when there are so many applicants decent numbers can get overlooked. I would recommend maybe retaking a science class or two at a community college to bring your science GPA up a little (closer to 3.5).  I think you're okay with your GRE. Definitely continue getting HCE and shadowing hours and try to get experience in different areas/departments. If you don't have many volunteer hours, try to work on getting some to make you a more "well-rounded applicant". Have multiple people review your personal statement and start working on editing it before next cycle. Also make sure you apply early! Aim to have your application done in May/early June. Good luck!

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