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Opinions on HCE

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I live in the tech capital of the world, so I made the decision to pursue an MA associates degree instead of an EMT-B. The majority of EMS jobs were for EMT-I or above, and I found way more listings for MAs with no experience, so that's what I went with.


I was reading another thread where someone wrote that MA as HCE is not impressive. Is that true? I'm trying to diversify the jobs that I do, but will it really be unimpressive?

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It's a give or take situation. I'm a licensed EMT-B but my intention was/is to work in a clinic/hospital and not on an ambulance. However, the flexibility of an EMT license allows me to transfer those skills into any entry level position. 


The reason I am more interested in a clinic is because I am allowed a wider scope of practice as a MA. If I were to work as a EMT I will be limited to just triaging and making sure patients are stabilized during transfers. The EMT-Ps get to have the most fun (starting IVs and administering medications). 


As a MA, I administer medications; PO, IM, ID, SQ. I can do EKGs, wound care, drug screens, triage, assist in minor surgeries, I give Neb treatments to the guy who is wheezing like no tomorrow, and also observe everything that walks through those doors. Yes, as an EMT you get to assess, "treat", and transfer, but I'm more of a practice scope kind of guy. 


I assess (first to be seen before the provider walks in), I treat (advil/tylenol for temps, injections for STDs, benadryl for that baby having an allergic rxn), and I discharge w/instructions (I'm the last person the patient sees before they leave the clinic). 


That said, EMTs have to think on their feet when introduced to an unfamiliar situation and be able to take charge with no one around to help.


Do what makes you feel fulfilled. It's your life, and the more you can speak about your experience(s) the better you look as an applicant.

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MA is perfectly good experience. back in the day I was an EMT-b/er tech and to become an MA in CA all I had to do was draw blood 10 times and give ten IM injections. It took me a week to get signed off and get my cert.

after I had it they let me start IVs, do neb tx, ekgs, assist in surgery, use an AED,  etc. It was a great prep for a later transition to paramedic because I knew most of the home meds already and most of the procedures aside from intubation and cardioversion.  MA scope of practice is all over the place. some are close to LPNs and take xrays while others only room pts and take VS. I've run codes with some who are stellar.

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