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EM Bootcamp VS EM Academy Conference

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Hi guys, so I've been looking into the EM Bootcamp and EM Academy conference closely and trying to figure out which one to attend.


Links for anyone not familiar:




I looked through this forum and heard a lot of positive things about the Bootcamp course. Also appears that this year they are doing something new and doing hands-on emergency procedures as well.


The EM Academy seems to be more geared toward new graduates and people transitioning into EM. The conference is in September 2016 and by that time I would have already worked in the ER for around 2 years, so I'm not sure how fruitful it will be. However, the thing is, in my job, I don't see a lot of the acute patients. There are a lot of procedures that I have never done. So I saw on the website a lot of procedures that I never performed and would like to learn. I'm just not sure how useful the lectures will be. Anyone been to it and have any idea? 


Appreciate the input.

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If you're already working, I would lean towards the Advanced Bootcamp over the regular one. I actually did the Advanced Bootcamp as a new hire requirement and found it very helpful overall. I would have rather gone through the course once I was working so I could apply experiences and knowledge immediately, but that is more a reflection on my learning style than the course itself. 


The EM Academy looks really good too and it the ACEP answer to training EM PAs. I do like the three phase organization, which allows for more time to be focused on the tasks instead of blasting through it all in a few days. That being said, more phases = more money and time, so it might not be doable for everyone.

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I went to the conference. I loved the hands on portion. I only wish we had more time to practice the procedures!

The lectures were good too - there were definitely some new pointers I learned, but I felt a lot of it was review (which is also really helpful!). I'm just wondering if maybe I should have attended the Advanced Boot Camp course instead.


It was still a great experience though. I definitely recommend it to anyone new to ER. 

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I had a great experience as well. Short lectures to the point that reminded me of things I should be doing, documenting etc and had just a really good content. I mean I couldn't even get on Facebook or read email because if you didn't listen for two minutes you didn't hear something important. The eye doesn't see what the mind doesn't know (or remember) so I walked away with a lot more respect (anxiety too) in regards to what I do every day. I really enjoyed the lecture on "how not to get sued" and hearing about different cases. Since coming back I've been studying more and listening to lectures etc. it gave me new energy and drive to learn more.



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