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pre-operative position

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I wanted to bring a concern that I have to this forum, regarding a job offer to which I am giving some very serious consideration. I will preface this by saying I am a new grad PA and have been looking for the ideal job that suites my needs in terms of pay, benefits, area of interest, work/life balance, etc., for some time now. The job offer is to work in a pre-operative clinic within a major university health system here in Michigan. During the interview, the PAs I talked to all seemed very happy with their jobs and I even got to shadow my interviewer for awhile as she saw patients. Being a major health system, ALL the benefits and pay are VERY generous (e.g. $87k, 5 weeks PTO, day shift, 4 shifts per week, 1 week CME plus $1500 for CME expenses, full health benefits, and even a retirement plan where they match with DOUBLE your contributions) and not to mention it is 15 minutes from my hometown, which is where I want to ultimately be. My only concern is that the work itself is so refined (essentially just doing pre-op H&Ps all day long) that I may become pigeonholed into this sort of role as a PA, preventing me from moving on to another field of medicine if I want to after I am a few years deep into this job. I would be working 4, 10 hour shifts per week, which may allow me to possibly work part time somewhere else like an urgent care or something (my dream is to work ER), but still I am worried that getting involved with a job where my role is so refined like this that I may never be able to get out in the future. If any of your veteran PAs out there have any advice you can give about this situation regarding this concern, I would greatly appreciate the input. By the way, I have another offer with a different hospital in ortho; as far as pay and benefits, it's quite comparable, but it is the evening shift (3-11pm) Monday thru Friday and is about an hour commute from home as opposed to 15 minutes.


Thank you for any insights!

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In the grand scheme of things, that seems like a good offer and a reasonable place for a new grad to be.


I think your idea of moonlighting on the side would be an OK thing to think about after 6+ months on the job, but doing H&Ps well is not a cake walk, and you'll be in a role to be a safety net to make sure the physician didn't skip anything.  The role is both for patient safety, but also for revenue protection: an idle surgery suite, because something got cancelled at the last minute, is a LOT of lost revenue.

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