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I just got the call!! I’ve been accepted! I’m beyond happy! 

I am currently attending Trine, and I wanted to advise the students who will be joining me later this year on a few things. I would suggest not moving in with another student unless you know them pers

I received an acceptance phone call today after interviewing 9/12! Absolutely loved the faculty and everyone that was part of the interview process. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Hey! I also submitted an application to Trine U for the developing program! Just heard the the original program director (Tim Bernard) left the program, not sure what to make of this, has anyone heard anything additional? At first glance it seems to reflect poorly on the schools' accreditation hopes...best of luck to all! 

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undergraduate GPA: 3.96

Science GPA: 3.95

GRE: 297, writing portion: 4.5 

600+ hours working as a physical therapy technician/ medical assistant to a pain management specialist, and 100+ volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House/other various charities in the Detroit area. 

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1 minute ago, chormann said:

Would you mind sharing your stats? I wonder why your interview date is so far away from other's (January 13th).

I did not get an interview for Trine University yet...I just applied to the PA Program on 8/1/17.

Stats: 3.35 GPA

GRE: 300, Writing 4.0

Total Healthcare hours: 10,000+ 

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