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Employment Reviews?

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Not sure if this question has been posted elsewhere so feel free to redirect me. 


I am looking to relocate to the Mpls/St. Paul area and have begun looking at different hospital systems and talking to different recruiters. 


Is there anywhere I can get opinions from PA's who work/have worked in specific hospitals? Before I take a new job (new career) in a brand new location, I'd like some feedback on what people think of the hospital from the PA perspective. Kind of like a Yelp for PAs! 


If anyone works in the Mpls/St. Paul area, please PM me so I don't accept a job offer blind!

Thank you!

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Try Glass Door website for reviews of employers.

Recruiters will not tell you the down and dirty and ARE paid to fill positions.

Look at websites that show who the providers are - google them - read their reviews from patients online (yep, fraught with bias).

Ask the employer to speak to employee PAs.

If an employer won't let you talk to current employee PAs or providers - RED FLAG.


My past experience with recruiters is that they are not interested in my future - just their placement and finders fee.

They will talk up the employer even if they are under indictment and on the local news.



Sorry to be cynical - just be careful.

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