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Reading for ER Speciality

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Can you all please recommend what worked for you after PA school...when you had to read on your own for ER?  


What was your time-table like?  How many chapters per day, etc? did you do to keep up with things you might see on the job?


What kind of system did you use?


How did you balance family life with reading?  Did you read at home? library? or just move out of the house to do so?


Many thanks.

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Second EMRAP!!


There is nothing else that you will find that will make you more knowledgeable in EM that I know of.


Make a Feedly account and download it to your phone. Every day, check Emergency Medicine #FOAMed posts.


The ones that I have saved are:


Academic Life In Emergency Medicine


Life In the Fast Lane

Ultrasound Of the Week



Emergency Medicine Literature of Note

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