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Per-diem/part time negotiation

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I am a Gen. Surgery PA with 6 years of experience currently hold a FT position with full benefits. 


I work 3x12hours shifts and would like additional income. I have an opportunity to join a hospital based gen. surg service (in a different hospital) on a per-diem/part time status. I will be first assisting in the OR only and I guess the hospital will fund my salary with the first-assist fees.


I have never worked PD or PT and not sure the hourly rate I should ask for. I am thinking I don't need them to include any compensation package and instead get more per hour. 


The service never had a PD/PT before either and both the chief PA and practice manager ask me what will work for me.


 I would appreciate some tips:


1. what would be a fair rate? taking into consideration that there are no benefits.


2. Should I ask for guaranteed amount of hours paid per shift? ex. if I come in and operate for 5 hours but get a minimum of 10 hours pay.


3. Any other suggestion about PD/PT negotiation is welcomed. 


Thank you 







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