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Hello! I found out I passed the PANCE a few days ago and I want to share how I prepared for it, hopefully this will help someone out there! 


    -After the end of our didactic year we took the first PACKRAT and I got a score of 110, which was really disappointing. I had really good grades in school and I didn't understand why that was not reflected on this test....


  -Thus, I started reading during rotations: A Comprehensive ReviewFor the Certification and Recertification Examinations for Physician Assistants.


    -After our clinical year was over we took a second PACKRAT, I got a score of 136, better than the last one but not high enough. I found the PACKRAT formula to correlate very closely to my second score. I actually did a little bit better than the predicted score. 


    -I studied for 5 weeks after graduation.  I would study for 12 hours from Monday through Saturday and took Sundays off.  I started with the subjects that had the least percentage weight per the PANCE blue print and finished with Cardio. 


    -After reviewing each chapter from the review book, I would do 1 or 2 blocks of 60 questions based on that subject and I timed myself (1 minute per question). I had a hard time finishing all the question during the PACKRATS on time so I knew I had to practice practice, practice!  I probably did a total of 1,300 questions using exammaster, and Davis. I was scoring 60s to mid 70s on both.


    -12 days before taking the PANCE, I took the NCCPA practice exam and got an overall proficiency in the lower side of the green (high) section. Then I focused on my weakest areas for the next 7 days and took the other NCCPA practice exam 6  days before the PANCE (which I found wayyy more difficult than the first one).  I got an overall proficiency in the yellow (borderline section) with part of the bar falling in the red (low section). I freaked out after getting this result but I kept focusing on my weakest areas until PANCE day. 


   - I read the Davis book during the last 10 days before the PANCE. 


   -The day before the PANCE I reviewed the notes I had written through out the past 5 weeks of reviewing all the subjects. I know a lot of people take the day before the PANCE off, however I could not just sit there or do nothing knowing that I had such a big test coming up the next day!...I did go out to dinner at the end of the day and went to bed super early :) 


Overall I highly recommend taking the NCCPA practice exams and focusing on your weak areas based on your result. This was the closest thing to the real thing for me. Make sure you make a study schedule and weigh your time and focus according to the PANCE blue print....and stick to it!


Good luck to everyone and just know hard work does pay off at the end! :) 

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