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Being a PA in New Hampshire

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Hey everyone,


Are there any PAs on this forum that practice in NH?  I am currently in school in NC (great state to be a PA), but I am considering moving back to New England.  New Hampshire has 4 of the 6 "Six Key Elements" according to the AAPA site, but I'm not sure that tells the whole story.  Can anyone speak in general about practicing in NH (scope of practice, level of independence, respect from other providers/patients, general experience, etc)? 



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NH used to be one of the best states to practice in for PAs. It still isn't bad, in terms of prescribing and, for the most part laws.  However, NH has been becoming pretty complacent and that is a bad thing.  This is a time of change and we are facing a NEED for change, like OTP and striving to evolve, however, some in state boards are resisting/not supporting this needed change.  So, to answer your question, it's a mixed bag of some good current laws, thanks for the older PAs, who fought hard battles to gain good laws but, sadly, this tenor has lessoned and, unless more like the earlier PAs in NH get into seats of boards, which can help evolve us, we will continue to settle and, thus, NPs will thrive and continue to evolve and this will be a negative impact on job placement and more for us.  

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