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Have been in the medical field since 2000. Have been a PA for 2 years. I'm middle aged and have run other businesses so have experience

in terms of financials and management.


I currently work as an IC in outpatient psychiatry. I want to start my own solo practice. i would like to rely heavily on technology, have zero or only 1 staff member and no other providers, and just one small office. (I think this is termed micropractice).


Does anyone have such a practice and what are the biggest hurdles?



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If I were to do it again, that is the type of practice I would have and it would be cash-only. As I recently closed my office and moved out "things' (files and more files) 80% of it was related to doing business with insurance companies. Insurance companies took 80% of our energy, that could have been spent on the patient.


I would also give advice about technology. I too, wanted to create a practice that used technology effectively. I went through three different EHR / PM softwares. I eventually purchased a complex system, after testing it for months. It was a disaster for us as it did not work, reduced our productivity and they did not have the support staff they needed to fix the problems.  I do suggest that you find a software that you like and try to get it without a contract so that you can change it. Most want a three-year contract and will not change that, even if they fail you. Make sure too that you have a physical and reliable address for your small office as everything hinges on an address.


I think if you go cash only and have the demand, you are likely to succeed.

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Hi GatorGirl,

I realize it's been awhile since you posted this. Was wondering if you have proceeded in opening micropractice? 

If so, how have you been making out? 

I live in St Pete and have been looking for a SP for several months to supervise a Direct Primary Care office I am opening. Same idea you noted as far as just me to start and keep it small. No insurance though, as jmj11 stated, feels like the insurance piece is time better spent on pts. 

Would love to hear your experiences. 


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HI PANance and GatorGirl.  How did things go with y'all.  I've been practicing internal med since 2006 in Palm Beach County.  I'm ready to start my corporation or LLC.  I am partnering up with friend/prior medical adminstrator.  Getting Athena and purchasing EKG/Spirometry/Holter/Vitals machine that will port all information into Athena.  My credentialing with insurances are good and have a large patient following and specialist rapport.  I will not have a physical office as I will be a mobile IM practice using various office space throughout Palm Beach donated to us as I will be providing full services to underserved communities (yes they exist in Palm Beach County strangely enough).  All I need is my noggin, MacBook Pro and diagnostic tools.  No M.A. as I will do all labs/testings.  I won't be taking managed care b/c they are evil.  Will provide DOT and immigration (I have a medical director just to sign off) physicals as well.  I will bill under me only and share profits with my friend, our company and moi.  Please reach out for questions or to provide advice.  Best of luck to my Floridians, let us network!  GTAranda@gmail.com. 954-415-7000 (feel free to text).

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