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Production Based Negotiation.

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Hey All,


Need a little help with a negotiation. I currently work in an outpatient psychiatry clinic as an independent contractor. I work entirely on

production. They use a complicated formula of collections minus expenses; but I usually end up taking home around 30-35% of my collection.


I have interviewed with a new practice and just begun negotiations. They actually posted for a psychiatrist and offered a 70/30 for the doc.

They asked me to tell them what I was seeking. Any deal over 30% is better than what I have had but I don't want to sell myself short.


What I really want to know is, for those of you working entirely on production-what is your split, and what setting do you work in.


I do have the salary report to help with my discussions. But if anyone has any other evidence I can use to help in negotiations (that PA's are just as valuable as physicians $-wise), I would be very appreciative.



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I recently interviewed for a position that offered 50% of collections after taking into account all other expenses, including base salary, taxes paid, insurance and other benefits.  Most full time PAs were supposedly getting around 30k. I did not take that position because the base salary was too low.   I currently make around half of what I collect. My salary is not set up to be solely based on collections, I actually only get a 5% production bonus, but my base salary is consistently around 1/2 of what I collect, it has just consistently worked out that way.  My salary has steadily increased (because I have negotiated that), but my collections have gone up as well.   This seems to not be the norm for PAs, but not sure why it couldn't be. I know most docs are bringing in at least 50-70% of what they collect at least in specialties.  I do think that FP tends to have a higher overhead cost which cuts into that.    I am still bringing in money to the practice and providing coverage for patients while my SP is on vacation which adds value.  I also think that a PA that works fairly autonomously should be able to make a higher percentage of what they collect as we are for the most part completely taking care of these patients.  First few years out of school that was not the case, which is normal and to be expected.  If you know what you typically bring in would you possibly be able to negotiate for 50%?  The only way I would do that though is if you feel confident you will be busy enough.  If they only schedule you seven patients a day then you may be struggling financially if you don't have a decent base salary.  I have personally found that bringing your own data to the table is more useful than finding studies or surveys.  It sounds like you have a lot to offer to the practice.

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