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I started practicing 2 years ago as a PA in an Ortho-Spine practice, my responsibilities including First assist 2.5 days/week, rounding, clinic 2.5 days/week, rare call, rare weekends, also administrative tasks such as compiling surgical outcomes, assisting the training of staff, implementing new policies and procedures with staff etc.  I was't excited about my initial salary and benefits but I have really enjoyed the work.  I have gotten significant raises over the past couple of years but during my last raise/review there were interesting comments about decreasing my rate of salary growth which i thought strange as I am still below what I assumed most other PA's in my field are making..


 My major issue is this: I feel like i am always being told what other PA's in Florida make in my field and a lot of what i research seems different than what I am told.  There have been a few threads from Spine PA's on the forum and I wanted to create a general discussion among other PA's in my field so we can communicate with each other about what the "going rate" is.


I started at 80k, I am currently at 100k with guaranteed 5k annual bonus.  I only get 10 days PTO, Holidays, and 5 CME days with professional fees paid. (no sick time)


I am told Laser spine institute PA's make 95k, (What I have read online is 105k with 4 weeks PTO including CME)

I am told other local practices which do similar work make between 115-120's with a few PA's in the area at 150k, and 1 up to 180k (which they feel is extreme)

They did not comment on what the other benefits these PA's have as far as PTO and Bonus' 


I also work part time in the ED on my free weekends when I have available time where I am paid $60/hr.  I calculate my current full time position makes $42 or less base on the hours I work per week.

So Fellow PA's please help enlighten me on what our "going rate" is?





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Also, A few of my local reps tell me that a lot of the general Ortho PA's in the area are working 70+ hours a week and making 90K a year?  While other Reps are telling me all the PA's they know are in the 120's? I dont understand why everything I am being told is so conflicting.

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Most of the ortho PAs at Shands are making over 100 (many closer to 120). It is one of the higher paying PA gigs at Shands, although length of job and experience definitely come into play. Their salaries are available online because it is a state funded university, so you could check that out.


I can't really give any solid info on non-academic settings though, so someone else may be able to help.

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I can tell you that in PA ( which also pretty saturated market) you salary is very comparable. Most spine PAs here start to max out at around 110k.

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Highly recommend getting a copy of most current AAPA salary survey.

From what I have seen on the reports there is a lot to be desired. I remember a few years ago for spine the median was 140 or something but the sample size was 14.  

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