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Scholarships for PA School

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OKay, thanks for the input. I applied to ten schools and 6 of them were in NYC, but after interviewing with one school I realized how overwhelming and logistically crazy manhattan can be. I decided not to do school in NYC bc i figured the demands of PA school would be tough enough without managing life in a stressfull city.

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Ah I see. Well PCOM is great, I think it's the better school, but I like the NY school rotations - plus I would love to work at some crazy hospital in Brooklyn after school.


Anyways, here is the loan repayment thing I think most people go for:



You gotta work somewhere underserved (rural, inner city, etc). Here is the breakdown for full time, tax free:


2 yrs - 60K

3 yrs - 100K

5 yrs - I think 150K?

8 yrs (I think) - repay all that you owe


Also, many employers have loan repayment plans, and some states have their own loan repayment plans. The good thing is with loan repayment, you are still making 80-100K a year.


So think of this... let's say you owe 200K. If you are willing to work one FT job (80K/yr), and let's say another job you pick up a few shifts a month (25K/yr), so you are making 105K total a year. Now let's call it 90K after taxes. So now let's assume you graduate school and still keep a low profile, don't go out and buy any new car, TV, vacation, etc. If you are living on 40K, that's 50K extra income. If you can do the 2 year loan repayment and save money, that's 160K in 2 years. Then you can relax, work wherever you want, and easily pay off what small amount remains.

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