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Chance a former Premed?

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Hi all, I will be applying to PA school's this coming year and wanted to know my chances? I'm a little worried about my low GPA and my somewhat unusual HCE. I was originally Pre-med but decided to switch to PA due to work-life, health and personal reasons. Any feedback would be great! 


AZ resident

BS in Physiology 3.4cGPA+sGPA

GRE 320 


First Gen College student and Underprivileged, First Gen American/Refugee

Self-Supported through school + Large scholarship

Variety of Non-clinical jobs in college (Administrative + paid tutor for underserved kids)    

Run a small business selling baked goods.

200hr Clinical volunteering in Hospital and Hospice

President of Premed Club

50 hours PA Shadowing

300 hours cancer research + 150 hours of psych research

1500 hours as a Certified Psych Tech on Behavioral Health Hotline

200 hours (continuing) as a PT aide, looking for full time jobs currently


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what exactly did you do as a psych tech on behavioral health hotline? Did you have hands on experience with patients? If not, schools may not accept this as HCE and your chances would be greatly diminished as you would only have 200 hours as a pt aide. I would get in touch with schools you are interested and ask whether or not they would accept your tech hours. Volunteer hours are good, GRE is great, GPA is average. Best of luck!

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Hello Order66.exe,


Based on your given information, GPA and healthcare background (make sure that you have patient interactions), I think you have a high chance of getting an interview.  I landed 2 interviews with similar GPA of a 3.4. GRE scores of 152 or above in each section or a 304 combined (yours is 320) is considered good for most PA schools. 


I hope this helps. 

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what exactly did you do as a psych tech on behavioral health hotline? Did you have hands on experience with patients? 



It wasn't hands on, no but it was person-to-person. We documented health complaints in EMR, we provide referral to services and coordinate care with health providers. We would also coordinate with the crisis care line and triage individuals at risk of suicide/self-harm. One school I talked to stated that they would accept this as HCE but I will contact others.


Do you think my application could be improved if I spent a year working as a PT Aide? Should I take some classes to bring up my GPA?

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At this point, with the high number of credits you have it would be difficult to raise your GPA. I would only take any pre-reqs you haven't taken like orgo or biochem as more schools are requiring these courses. Gaining more HCE will ALWAYS help your application, I would continue racking up hours as a pt aide or see if you can land a job as an er tech. The HCE you obtain will better prepare you as a clinician and should not be viewed as something you want to do as quick as possible. If most schools accept your tech hours you should be ok for next cycle as you would probably have 2000+ hours, as long as you apply to schools with averages close to yours.

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