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Hi everyone,

I have some questions that i would like to ask because I want to make an informed decision of what school to transfer to as undergrad. The thing is that Have been admitted to both Mercy college health science to Physician assistant program, and to Seton hall biology to MSPA. Due to my academic excellence, I was also admitted to mercy honor school.

But, I live in NJ: 7 miles to Seton Hall, approx 16 miles to Mercy but if i choose Mercy it is not gonna matter cause I'm gonna take the train which is about 40 min travel time.

If I go to Seton hall it means to having to take more loans compare to Mercy. To make it clear, I don't not care about school rank.

If I choose Seton Hall, I will know after a semester in the school if they gonna take me in the PA program based upon my academic excellence during that semester, which is not a problem for me.

If I choose Mercy, it seems that I have to keep a 3.2 GPA and having 500 hours of health care experience. Probably, I won't know If I'm going to get admitted into the PA until I graduate, and being reviewed by a comity...correct me if I'm wrong here.


My question: has anyone of you went from undergrad from Mercy to the PA in Mercy or know someone who been there that can shed some light on how it is done for students who did their undergrad from Mercy in Health science to PA?


Thank you for reading all of this and for your answers.:;-):

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If you have been accepted to other schools you should go there! Ha,... I'm kidding (sort of....) Still waiting to hear back from Mercy. I'm assuming they are waiting to see who is going to pay the deposit or not. Crossing my fingers that no one does? Haha.



Seriously, congrats guys! I'm jealous!

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