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Any employment lawyer or even a general law lawyer should be able to review a contract for you. You should also become familiar with the language of legalase as you are going to be using it throughout the entirety of your career and you'd benefit from being able to read the contract yourself and negotiate from it. 


You need to know the laws of your state whereever you applying - At will employment, Unable to work radius if you leave (enforcable), etc.



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My attorney charged me $250 for a basic review and then would have charged his outlandish hourly rate if HE had to negotiate with my employer. Instead - he took my contract, typed over it in red and sent it to me to question and negotiate. This attorney made sure that the contract observed state employment laws, privacy and such. He asked me a lot about PAs specifically and was happy to learn and look at references. 


Have you asked any other PAs in your area for personal recommendations? Or the docs you know? Word of mouth is usually the best reference to find a professional - kind of like us....................


Glad you are being proactive and protecting yourself. It is worth every dime.


Best of Luck

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