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Infertility Coverage

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Hi All,


Sorry for sounding greedy but am looking for some help. I live in southern CA and have a great position but my medical insurance does not cover infertility treatment. My partner's insurance does not cover infertility tx as well.


I'm wondering if anyone knows of any companies that cover infertility tx's in California. I'd like to work for the company part-time.


Already being in debt from student loans I don't want to take out loans. Any help would be appreciated!!

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Mary Kay Cosmetics has excellent benefits for their employees and it covers fertility. 

They don't really have a reason to hire a PA but you could feasibly sell the cosmetics or get a job there.

I am not sure anyone would cover you with bennies at part time.


Otherwise, as a former fertility patient - benefits are sorely limited. 

Check Canada. They have many cash clinics and my friends had success there.


Employers will not choose fertility coverage as it makes the premium go up immensely. Employers look at their employee base and, if, predominantly male or over 40, this benefit is not appealing nor cost effective. 


Sorry to be a bummer, but it was a costly journey and we only had coverage for 1 year on a plan through Guardian Insurance.


Best wishes to you for successfully building your family.

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Obama care in CA covers IVF I believe. Some close friends of mine were looking at moving to CA a couple years ago because of it. Of course they got pregnant a couple of weeks before they moved, but had already sold their house and gave their notices to their employers!!

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