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Nontraditional Jobs

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I'd be interested to hear and discuss what sort of nontraditional or outside-the-box jobs/gigs folks have done or just know about. EM:RAP did a segment on an MMA fight doctor (ring-side physician) that sounded really interesting except fighting isn't quite up my ally. I've got a few years of EM under my belt and would be interested in hearing other ideas along these lines-- ways to use clinical skills outside of work as a PRN gig. Thanks!

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some organizations have PAS staff  medical tents for large events (cochella, lallapolooza type stuff).

many of my friends have done the Alaska thing and loved it. most of these jobs are through medcor or beacon occupational health. medcor also staffs Yellowstone clinics w PAs. Raytheon polar services hires PAs for the Antarctica stations.

I have several friends doing the state dept thing and loving it. they pay more for an MPH (+ 2 grades) or doctorate (+4 grades) in health related field.

many of my DHSc classmates worked for cdc/fda doing research and/or admin.

don't know any PAs in the CIA, but know they advertise regularly for pas in the journals.

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