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Becoming a PA with cerebral palsy & obtaining direct patient care experience

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I realize that this is an unusual question, but I am feeling a little stuck and I'm hoping that I will be able to get some advice here...


I have mild diplegic cerebral palsy (i.e., it affects my lower body. In my case, my upper body is unimpaired) and I would like to pursue being a physician assistant.


My CP does not affect my cognitive abilities; I have a 3.8 GPA at a competitive college and by the end of this semester, I will have completed the academic prerequisites that I need to apply to PA school. 


I've talked to admissions directors, PAs, MDs, and other healthcare professionals and they have all expressed confidence that I could physically handle PA school and being a PA. Although my gait is visibly different, I walk unaided and can sit/stand for long periods. 


However, I've been having difficulty identifying direct patient care experience that would be physically practical for me, given my CP. I know that the majority of PA schools don't accept scribe work, and I'm worried about the physical requirements of being a CNA/EMT. I was considering getting my CNA certification, but I don't have the balance to perform the heavy lifting that is often required of CNAs. 


Does anyone have any ideas or input? I would be tremendously appreciative of any and all suggestions. Thank you!

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I actually was about to post a very similiar question. I've got an articular cartilage tear in my right knee, it's had an arthroscopy, but was a debride and clean out only. Now I'm in limbo between it's not good enough to stay on my feet more than a few hours a day(and need breaks to even go that long), and not bad enough for more major intervention


How to get HCE with that much of a limit of time on feet is eluding me. I'm one class from being done with pre-reqs for most places with a 4.0 so far, but the knee is really putting a damper on things otherwise.

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