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How to ask a PA if you can shadow them?

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I was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to ask a PA to shadow them? Do you keep it simple or go into depth on why you want to shadow them...etc?? I have found a few on PAshadow online website but I was just wondering if anybody had any advice! 

Also, how long should you typically shadow someone for? Just to avoid "over staying your welcome". 


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PASO is a great resource for finding shadowing opportunities. You can find them on hospital and clinic websites, but that can be quite a bit more difficult. I'd just email the PA and ask if they have the time/ability to let you shadow. Less is more.



Found you on PA shadow online (or hospital website or wherever) and was wondering if you had any time over the next few weeks for me to shadow with you or if you know of  a colleague that does.


I'm [insert why you're shadowing here].




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Hi All,


As a practicing PA who likes to have students I would say just keep it quick!  If these individuals are found on this website they are expecting emails periodically and also may be getting swamped.  keep it quick, professional and to the point.  Also provide multiple modes of contact so they have the convenience of choice to reply to you! 


Hope this is helpful. Good luck!!


Check out my website in the signature, might have some helpful stuff for you all! :)

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