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New grad offer. Opinions, please! :)

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Hello. I am a new grad with an offer I would really appreciate experienced opinions on. 


This is an offer with a private, outpatient OB/GYN office in an expensive metro area. 



M-F 8:00-5:00 schedule, some Saturday mornings (with a half day off during the week to compensate)

Patient load will be 15-20 patients/day after training.

No hospital duty. No call. 

401k after an initial period (a specific match % wasn't mentioned)

10 days PTO for the first 2 years, then 15 days PTO from year 3 and on

Paid federal holidays

$2,000 CME and 5 days

5 days sick leave

Only 50% of the health insurance is covered (I estimated the monthly premium that I will pay to be around $230). I have no dependents.

No vision/dental/disability, etc.

Licensing and DEA paid

Malpractice insurance policy covered (occurance) 

No relocation


The office is nice and clean with a really friendly staff. The doctor has shining reviews and is willing to train me. 


I've reviewed the 2015 AAPA Salary Report, and I know this isn't the best benefits package, but I really need an income soon...my loan payments will be coming in February. I already tried negotiating higher salary, more PTO, vision/dental, relocation, and CME. But the only revision they were willing to increase was the CME (up from $1,000). However, they said they would be willing to readjust my salary and PTO after 1 year. 


What do you think about this offer? Is it reasonable?

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It may not be the best, but it seems generally reasonable.  As in, that seems to be a typical benefits package, without any one area particularly shorted.


15-20 patients a day is a lot--what are you going to be doing for them?  If it's all the same thing, then that might not be as much of a big deal as it is in family medicine where a typical 20 minute appointment can be sniffles or chest pain or suicidal ideation.

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All jobs will have their pros and cons.  This seems like a reasonable first job.  Think about what matters the most to you.  If it's the people you work with- well you said they're nice, if it's the salary- good for a new grad, benefits- decent, hours, or specialty make your final decision based on that.  The job as a whole seems good.  Keep in mind you don't have to stay there forever!  Good luck!

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I think overall it sounds fair for a new grad. 10 days PTO is weak, in my opinion. And for 2 years?? The sales clerk at Kohl's gets 10 days PTO.


I would also get clarification on "some saturdays". That could turn into a slippery slope situation where you are coming in every other saturday AND working M-F because, you, know, the practice is so busy and...


I know how most private practices work. They are all sweet talk when they are hiring you but the bottom line is they need cheaper labor (PA vs MD) to move patient volume.


You have to take the bad with the good. You're a new grad so you don't have a ton of bargaining power yet.

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Hi! I am also a new grad. To be honest, I think you have a good offer... My class was very small (25) so I was very familiar with the offers of most people in my class and yours sounds pretty on par, if not better in terms of benefits. I agree the PTO is low... A lot of people in my class got 2 weeks, but no more than that. I got ten days as well...


I ended up taking a job with decent hourly pay for a new grad (52/hr) and kinda lame benefits. BUT this was all worth it to me because it's literally like a paid residency (ER) with total handholding and supervision and training in whatever I want to learn. Basically, if you think your job is going to provide you with an awesome first job learning experience then I say it's worth it.

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