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New graduate looking to relocate to TX

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Hello All;

I am currently a "3rd year" PA student (our program offers an extra 9 months of Advance Clinical Practice training) and I anticipate graduating in March 2016.

In brief, my experience includes working approximately 40/wk in four different Level 1 and Level 2 emergency departments throughout the greater Chicago metro area, I have acquired over 1500 hours of direct patient care experience working in both the fast track and main emergency room.


I looking to relocate to either Houston or San Antonio. Of course for the right offer, I am open to other areas as well.


So far I have been scouting potential opportunities on various job sites like indeed.com, doccafe.com and PAjobsite.com, not to mention several conversation with recruiters.


I was wondering, if there is anyone else who as a new grad got there start in the ER and if so perhaps you can share some pointers with me?



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