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Grades much better now than 20 years ago

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Hey all I have a question or two...


I had mediocre grades in college, a 2.7, and graduated 18 years ago. I have returned to school and set the goal of becoming a respiratory therapist, but I am doing extremely well in my prerequisite classes now (all A's). I'm wondering if gaining admission to PA school might be possible (preferably instead of RT school, but maybe after). Besides being more mature and more focused, I now have my sleep apnea under control by using a CPAP machine, and this has given me a new lease on life.


My question is regarding PA admissions; what is the general consensus on a low overall GPA (3.0) but (drastically) upward trending grades, and a high prerequisite GPA? Are there any special programs or consideration given for previously disabled people, because I feel that I was partially disabled by sleep apnea for the first 40 years of my life (I've had ten surgeries on my nose and throat).


So yeah, I'm not expecting a free pass but I'm just asking around to assess the situation. If you have any knowledge/experience with this type of situation I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

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IMO you have a shot. Really research the various programs. Programs (IMHO) do look favorably upon upward trending grades. I am not aware of programs for disabled people that you mentioned. If a student has a disability and requires accommodations that information is covered under the Americans with Disability Act.


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