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PA students already attending TNU

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I am not yet a student and don't live on campus or know about the costs of living on campus, but I will say that the area immediately surrounding the school is not somewhere I would suggest living. The campus is beautiful and nice but I would suggest looking somewhere like south nashville near brentwood that is a bit safer and nicer. Lenox village is a good area as I have many friends who live out here and it is young oriented and 20 min drive to the school- but don't limit yourself to here, it is just one suggestion- it may be a bit pricier. If you are just out of college and coming from out of town, living on campus may be better for you. It just depends on your preferences.

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Living on campus in one of their apartments, rent is $520 a month. That's good pricing for a 1br apartment in Nashville, however, there are often houses with multiple rooms that break down to a much lower rent cost. And if you would like a pet or already have one, I don't think they allow them. I am looking to live in an apartment elsewhere. The ones at Bransford House are $675 for a 1br and Twin Oaks for ~$800 (a bit pricier than the apartments at Trevecca).


Also, I've already made a Facebook page, so if you are going to Trevecca, join it!! :)



Can't wait to get to know everyone and start the program!

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