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License reimbursement

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I'm the first full-time PA hire at a outpatient primary care clinic. In their documents, license reimbursements are for "MD, DO, and NP". In the beginning HR told me this was an issue they were "working on", but still nothing seem to have been done. I've already called HR multiple times in the past several months. This is a relatively big company. I love working here, pay and benefits are great, and wouldn't want to leave. But this one thing irks me since all the other providers get theirs paid for. What exactly are the steps to change this document/license reimbursement policy in a bureaucratic company and how long should the process take?

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It takes no time at all to change a policy.  Internal inertia only exists when it is based on incompetence or when it benefits the company. In this case, it benefits the company.  The only reason they're not paying you is because they don't feel a need to do so.


There are a ton of ways to react to the unfairness.

* Give up and take it.

* Send out an email to all the other providers asking them to chip in 1/Nth of your license fee if they think it's unfair that they get theirs reimbursed and you do not.  Likely to annoy some people, make enemies of others...

* Quit.

... or use your imagination.


Remember, PAs pay for ourselves and pay for our support structure, much more so than physicians do.  Use that to your advantage.

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If it were me, I'd be patient but persistent and not nasty. I would also make sure that your CME reimbursement is not similarly affected and get that changed at the same time.


Being the "first" anything somewhere is bound to have its issues. If you love the job, I wouldn't let stuff like this turn you bitter. But don't give up either.


Good luck.

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