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Having TOUGH time! Need PA to shadow near Louisville/Simpsonville, KY

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Hello, all!


I've been searching for Many months for a PA to shadow near Louisville, KY or Simpsonville, KY. I can go to pretty much anywhere on the weekend. I work in the medical field 8-5 M-F, but I can get time off in advance. I got a run-around for the last several months from an office manager on the other side of Shelbyville. I'm told there are waitlists downtown. I must be just a little too close to the city of Louisville to find a PA to shadow.


I have over 800 hours shadowing a single PA, but am told I need more and newer shadow hours from the PA schools of my choice.


I would appreciate any assistance.....:sadface:




PS. I did try that pashadowonline.com, but I couldn't find contact info.... I am resorting to Google yet again.

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