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Where to find PA's?

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Hey everyone - great to be here and thank you all for keeping up a great discussion board for PA's.


My name is Miguel and I run a new tech startup that is going to involve Physician Assistants - we are looking to create a small team of PA's that will visit our patients in their homes, with coordination provided by our mobile app. This will not be full-time work, it will start out as part-time, as we experiment with the service, but the hours are completely flexible and will provide a great way for PA's to earn additional income. We are starting in the San Francisco Bay Area and expanding soon after. 


With that said - where is the best place to go to find PA's? We do not require experience, in turn, new grads might be a great resource for us. I have looked into school/program job boards and Indeed.com, but I didn't know if there was one particular board that PA's especially check?


Any help is deeply appreciated! With love and peace to you all - Miguel

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I'm hoping there's more depth to your business venture.  Couple of red flags:  Do you have an MD on staff?  Also, new grads (i.e. no experience) being sent to patient homes with no direct support doesn't sound good for patients or PAs, regardless of what your mobile app does.


Before you worry about hiring PAs, perhaps you should bring one on board to consult.

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