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Dr. Middleton for CAPA "PA Educator of the Decade" campaign

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To the students, faculty, staff, alum and friends of RCC/MVC,


Your tribute to Dr. Middleton, on the 27th, was beautiful. She is the consumate PA educator IMHO. All of her students (myself included) are very fortunate to have such a powerful role model and mentor in our professional and personal lives. It was touching to see her being recognized for everything she has done and we really only touched the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Middleton's role will change in a few weeks but remember what she said. "I'll be around and I will always have your back." She will and she does. Yes, Like Dr. E and others, I teared up also. Good job folks. Thank you Dr. Middleton.


So all USC, RCC, MVC alums, students, colleagues and friends of Delores, I request your assistance in the following. If you are CAPA members ( and even if you're not) please contact Mr. Larry Rosen, PA-C at his CAPA WEB site mail found here: http://www.capanet.org/about/board/ , or better yet, call CAPA and request that Dr. Middleton, PA-C, be recognized as California PA Educator of the Decade. They can do it at NAPA. Please call.


Nothing but love and in a supportive and nurturing way.


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