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Why are you choosing FP?

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I've applied to FP but am curious why YOU have applied to FP? What aspects of the program helped you make your decision? Personally, I like the fact that it's a smaller program where everyone gets to know each other, work with each other and learn from each other. I'm also drawn to the fact that it opens the door to using the Dartmouth facilities which hopefully also includes the libraries.


Question to current students/grads: Why would you recommend the FP program? Has it prepared you for a career as a PA? What kind of learning resources are available at the FP location and what's available at Dart?


Any input is appreciated.....

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I also like the smaller atmosphere. I will be interviewing at another school that accepts 98 into the incoming class. So, I like having the opportunity to compare the two extremes.


I have a backgroung in orthopedics and athletic training, so the new health science and athletic training center is exciting to me. I would love to see what they have planned for their new building.

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