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What pre-reqs should I have before sending in my apps to be the most competitive?

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I graduated last year with a degree in electrical engineering and I've been working for almost a year right now. This time spent along with my past work experiences has shown me what I like and dislike about the profession. I'm looking into several PA programs and the pre-reqs have very little overlap with my completed coursework. Most programs will allow you time after you submit your apps to complete your pre-reqs, but I'm sure there are a subset of those courses they're really looking for you to finish before getting your application. I'm taking biology I and chemistry I (without the labs) this semester and I would like to be able to apply this next cycle, which doesn't give me much time. It doesn't help that I'm also working full-time, so I'm limited by how much of everything I can handle. For my top choice school, these are the pre-reqs:


General Chem I and II with labs (currently working on Chem I lecture; still need the lab)

Organic Chem I with lab

A&P with labs

Microbiology with lab

Intro. Psychology

Another 3 hour Psychology elective.

Statistics (My statistics and random processes class should fulfill this)

English Rhetoric (completed)

Medical Terminology (heavily suggested and completed)


I have Spring 2012 and Summer 2012 to actually get grades for some of those classes. Baylor would allow me to continue fulfilling my pre-reqs through Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 if I would like to matriculate for Fall 2013. Anybody familiar with the adcoms know how many of those classes I can push into the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 without a big impact on my competitiveness? Psychology for instance? Physiology will have to wait until after applications go in too. And since the summer session is shorter, I might not be able to get in a biology and a chemistry in the same session, further increasing the number courses that I can't finish until after I submit my application.

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Seems like you have a decent idea of what you need. I'd shoot for your general chem and bio courses, and at least anatomy before applying. If all you have incomplete is micro, physiology, and O.chem you may still stand a chance. But keep in mind, what may be even more important is your experience in the medical field. If you don't have plenty of volunteer, shadowing, internship, or work hours; you will be at a serious disadvantage in my opinion.

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I think I had both my physiology classes just starting when the CASPA app was due. When I went to the interview in Nov I had each of the prof what a letter of what my current grade was in the class, place it in a sealled envelope and they signed the back of these letters. I gave them to the interviewers. They never had anyone do this before but I was 4.0 both classes at the time of the interview and ended up 4.0 both classes. So I when I got the call in Dec telling me I got in (pending the passing of these classes) I was thrilled. Good Luck

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You need to go to their websites first and see how many you are allowed to have outstanding. While applying I had the following pre-reqs in progress (A&P 1 finished in the summer, I took A&P 2 first):






That being said I think from your list the -least- important one is:


Psych elective


And the most important to get done: A&P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gen chem!


O chem is not required for many programs.

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Beware of how many core sciences you leave until the end. When I applied I was finishing A&P with Microbiology & Biochemistry scheduled for the last two semesters before the summer start. One school didn't offer me an interview until January - immediately after I had submitted updated grades from the Fall semester and only had the Microbiology outstanding. Just because a school says you may have "up to ___ pre-requisites outstanding" and be considered, doesn't mean you're the best candidate you could be if you do!

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Can I assume that pre-reqs done at community colleges are looked upon unfavorably?


No way. Talk to the schools, but most will tell you they love community colleges.


I did A&P (with lab), Micro (with lab), Biochem, and Medical Terminology through a community college and am very happily halfway done with my didactic year. :) No one made any comments on it during my interviews, and it hasn't been brought up in any of the interviews I've assisted with for the class of 2014 either.

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