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What do you know about NSU - Jacksonville?

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Are there any current NSU - Jacksonville PA students out there who can give some of us prospective students more information on the program? What do you like about it, etc. What are the pros/cons? Since it is still under provisional accredidation and there are no PANCE scores to report, I'm wondering how current students feel about the material that they are being taught....do you feel like you are prepared for clinicals, etc? How does it compare to other NSU programs? Are all clinicals based around Jacksonville?


Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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I'm a current first year student, so I can't really give you much information regarding the clinical rotations. You don't have to do all of your rotations in Jacksonville, if there is somewhere else you want to go and the place wants to have you then you can give that info to the coordinator and make it happen. I know several have done clinical rotations in their hometowns in distant states.

The first year class has been taking the PANCE exams and they have (last I heard) over 80% pass rate with several getting perfect scores.

About the quality of the material being taught, I was in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman for 26 years and was an Independent Duty Corpsman for the latter part of that career (so I officially have the "been there/done that" t-shirt regarding being a primary care provider) and from my perspective the education has been very good. The OSCEs are good with quality feedback from the staff, they do an excellent job relating the subject matter to practical applications, etc...

Overall I am very happy with the program. The one thing that I disliked about the program from the summer term was the quality of the outside pharmacy lecturers that would come, but now they have on faculty PA that also holds a Pharm-D, so that issue is resolved and you won't encounter it.

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Thank you artyler! Isn't 80% a bit low? Do you get to do any volunteer work to practice any of your skills during the 1s year? (as in getting actual patient contact during the 1st year). One question of the PA's that I've shadowed was wondering was that what happens if the school does NOT get full accreditation during their review in 2012? What happens to the students who are enrolled in the program, etc. Any ideas? Arttyler, were you accepted anywher else, and if so, why did you choose NSU - Jax?


Thank you SO much for your time. I know it is scarce so I really appreciate it. I'm sure others on here appreciate your feedback too.

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If the program is provisionally accredited when you enter the program you will be allowed to take the PANCE exam and get licensed. Realistically, the program is going to get accredited. Thus far the accreditation inspections/evaluations have gone very well and the senior faculty and staff are from accredited programs, so they know how to run an effective program. The PANCE pass rate that I quote was based on 11 students taking the test and 2 of them didn't pass it. When the results of more students taking the test are back it should paint a better picture, but that is the information that I have heard.

There are several volunteer activities that the school is associated with (most deal with local schools i.e. sports physicals).

I didn't apply to any other schools, I live in Jacksonville and moving at this time wasn't an option so I only applied here.

In the end the decision to attend here or another university is a personal one. If you are uncomfortable with the provisionaly accreditation status, and you have been accepted to another program that is accredited then perhaps this isn't the program for you. I personally am very comfortable with the program here, but PA school is very expensive and if there is somewhere else that you feel will give you more bang for the buck then that is something worth weighing/considering.

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Thanks for your information. I didn't realize that the statistic was only based on 11 students....it makes sense now since 2 of them failed. I have heard good things about NOVA in general, so I'm sure the JAX campus is/will continue to be good. I just wanted to get an insiders perspective, and from your replies, it seems like the school is on the right track. I hope to get an interview followed by an acceptance offer...fingers crossed! Thank you for your time again!

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