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Financial Aid???

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For any students past or present from MDC, who were eligible to recieve financial aid...how much (total) could one expect to recieve if they qualified for full aid? It would definately help some of us aspiring PA's to get a ballpark on how much to save in addition to hopefully securing some government funds :) like I recieved aid for my medic in the amount of about 6500 since my program lasted 11 months which more than covered the cost. Call me worrisome but, I wanna make sure I have enough money to cover myself before I move from jax fl, to miami.





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financial aid will be based on your taxes for the year. Therefore it will vary, however the program does offer scholarships, five this year which covers full tuition for two years although there are some conditions attatched to it. In addition, the health science college offers more scholarships in the amount of 1250 a semester based off financial need I believe. Hope this helps,


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Thanks Christian, it does. I didn't know they even did full ride scholarships for the program. i'm making a trip to see Mrs. Hernandez and the financial aid dept. either Dec or Jan. I'll ask much as I can and post up anything else worthwhile.

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