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Hi all,


How long should an applicant take to answer a typical interview question (such as: why do you want to be a PA, what have you dont to prepare yourself for PA school)?


I think I have good answers, but I timed myself, and my answers are generally 2-3 mins long. I have a unique background with many diverse experiences which I would like to tie in, however I am reading that answers should be brief ... 4-6 lines at most. What are everyone else's thoughts on this?



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Are those typical interview questions? They sound like essay questions to me... at least, I feel like I answered those questions most completely in my CASPA and supplementals. I suppose it depends on the school, but if you already answered it at any point in your written application you don't need to rehash the entire story for the interview. Reference your written answers and highlight your key points - that should cut down on how long you spend talking. Remember too, that "4-6 lines" of speech takes about 30 seconds to spit out (especially when you're nervous).


And give your interviewer an opportunity to ask follow-up questions. It always make me nervy when I see applicants say they've timed themselves... it means you've been rehearsing WAY too much. It will rarely happen the way you imagine it happening, and if you've rehearsed your speech to death you'll end up sounding very strange and inappropriate. Give part of your answer... your interviewer will chime in with a question about something that interests them IF you give them the chance by taking a breath during your monologue.


We had an applicant once who was asked to "tell me a little about yourself" and talked NONSTOP for 15 minutes. Super awkward.

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