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Any MDC applicants for the 2013 cycle? PA CLASS 2015

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anytime i fond out information, i will post here, bit by bit.


the book used for the entrance exam is "Gross Anatomy by Chung" cost is about 48 dollars, will be picking up a copy to start reviewing now, that way it does not feel like an overload come time to actually take the exam.


This year I will be taking both Anatomy I & II, and MIcrobiology, so I believe reading this book at the same time as a supplement will be of great help!

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The program is extremely competitive to get in probably due to its very low cost. The faculty is one of the best group of people you will ever have as professors and you WILL learn medicine with them. But you will NOT be spoon fed, nothing will be handed to you and you are expected to work your *** off so you learn to be a provider for REAL PEOPLE.


The school does have its faults, mainly with financial aid, and how long they take to process all the applicants files...etc.. mainly little things.


If your honestly interested in being in this program physically bring yourself to the campus and take a walk around, (it's a very small campus that wont take long). Look for some of the PA students. Ask to speak with Jacqueline Hernandez to receive specific info on classes and pre reqs.


Best word of advice I can give anybody = Come show your face around campus often so the professors get to know who you are. And hopefully they will remember you at interview time.

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