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BioChemistry vs. Organic Debate

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I'm currently looking to apply to PA school starting this summer (hopefully) for Fall 2017 acceptance.


I've noticed that a lot of PA schools (specifically in New York) require BioChemistry, some Organic Chemistry or BioChemistry, but few really require Orgo over the BioChem.


Would it be advisable to take BioChemistry this summer to cater to those schools?


I was in Organic this semester, but I had to withdraw due to personal reasons


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :) 

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Just thought I'd throw my two cents into this older thread. I crossed schools off my list that required O-chem I & II. They aren't offered at the local community college and the state college only has an organic chem/biochemistry survey course that wouldn't count for much. Two of my friends currently in their didactic years said not to bother, as they haven't come in contact with any material or situations where they said, "Glad I learned that in o-chem!"


I looked into programs that either didn't have an advanced chem requirement OR asked for your choice of either biochem or o-chem I. I'm taking biochem online this semester, and it isn't terrible. On one of the PA blogs I follow, someone made a good comment in regards to taking organic or biochem: you may not use or even remember a good portion of the material, but it will prepare you for the type of critical and abstract thinking that PA school (or med school) requires. I can't vouch for that, but it seemed like good advice.

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