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Write your rep to get this bill passed

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MASS has a bill pending that would really be nice to get passed


would put PA on the same level as NP's WRT primary care - would get PA's to be recognized as PCP's so our patient could select us (and not have to list our SP) and would mandate the Insurance companies pay for services provided by PA's


for those of you that do not know it - MASS is in a critical (and I see it daily) shortage of PCP's and this would help!!


Here is some links


Most the info is from MAPA at this page http://mass-pa.com/legislation/legislation-updates/72-sanchez-act-encouraging-nurse-practitioner-and-physician-assistant-practice-of-primary-care'>http://mass-pa.com/legislation/legislation-updates/72-sanchez-act-encouraging-nurse-practitioner-and-physician-assistant-practice-of-primary-care





PLEASE review info and email your rep about this - doesn't have to be a long email - just a "please support this bill as it makes a difference" type of email





Also appears this bill has been combined with others and is now MA House Bill 3614 - 187th General Court





one point that I did not see brought up was that we will save the system $$$$ (And in these tough economic times this makes a difference) Right now any insurance company that does not credential PA's pays for anything I do at the 100% of physician rate because it is billed through my Doc's PIN - if this bill goes through it would be through my PIN and the insurance company (MASS Health) would save 15% right off the top with out any change in care provided or any difference to the patient....

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