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Hey Stephanie! Callie Minyard told me you had gotten in as well! We work at children's together. I'm so excited to have a few familiar faces in our class!


Hey Alayna! I'm not sure if it was you or maybe your friend that works at Children's, but I met someone on the Hem/Onc floor that was applying to PA school when I was interviewing there a few months back! I ended up taking a job somewhere else but just wanted to say congrats, if that was you! Either way, can't wait to meet you!



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Hi guys! I’m a current P1 student. I wrote a short ebook over how to prepare for PA school. I had no idea what to buy or what to study after being accepted to PA school. It is available on the Kindle app. It is called How to Prepare for Physician Assistant School. 8 Pieces of Advice from a Student by Lydia Seibert


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