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Knee MRI . Need read !!

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I know it may be not right to post a topic ask about MRI result , but I really need help . I just took the MRI for my knee ( it's been hurting months ) . The report will be sent to my doctor in 2 days , but I don't really want to go to that doctor again because he's just a family doctor, I don't think he knows about knee problem .

So I post my MRI Imaging CD , and pray for someone look over it and help me redface.gif . Tell me what's wrong with it , and what I should do to heal it, and get back to soccer soon ? I don't really want to go to sport physician because it'll cost lots of money frown.gif.


Thank you very much.

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best to leave getting personal medical advice to between you and your PA



also, I am not sure about anyone else, but there is no way I am going to download a 20+mb file to my computer from a file share site.....



way to scarry for a virus....


gotta go see a doc/pa/np as this is not a board for free medical advice




also, very strange to have this be your first post and no evidence of any connection to being a PA...

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I think the operative words from the OP are "The report will be sent to my doctor in 2 days..." - if the report is being sent to them, they'll read what the radiologist says and make a decision from there. If there is a problem that's non-surgical, they'll treat it as such, and likely appropriately and if it's a surgical issue, they'll either get an opinion for you OR send you to someone that will do the same. BTW, don't discount Family Practice people - they likely know an awful lot more than you really think.



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