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Anyone else accepted for 2010?

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Guest Nashmyers

St.johns is extremely easy to get into if your already a Pre-PA major here, everyone in the PA major in my class got in if they had a 2.70 math/science gpa and a 3.0 overall. We were basically guaranteed seats first. The people who applied from outside had to compete with eachother for the remaining seats available, that's where a 3.4+ is probably considered competitive. Sad but it's all political and how it is.

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Apologizing ahead of time for ruffling any feathers, but when I visited lectures there this year, there was one thing that ALL the students agreed on: that first semester was basically rock-bottom miserable :)


If a 2.7 for fresh + soph years combined, gets the majors in, and SJU doesn't pre-require gen chem 2...I'm wondering if the students feel truly prepared enough walking into this program? Again, no disrespect intended.

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Guest Nashmyers

we dont have gen chem 2 because our chem is combine with organic straight into 2nd semester. Were actually doing a huge load in a short period of time. See the thing is, our pre-req difficulty is definitely much harder than most schools and what people take outside which is why our pre-req GPA is considerably lower (not taking courses from a community college then applying). We also take biochem and pharmacology which is not a requirement for many PA programs. I do agree however, there is a sheer amount of students that really wont last long once in PA school specifically those who took easy way outs through the first 2 years. I've pretty much seen it all though so I'm not going to say much more about the issue.


Basically to those that really want to goto PA school, Stjohns is definitely one of the easier ones to get into , just apply as an undergrad and get in as a PA major. Maintain a 3.0 overall and 2.7 math/science first 2 years and your in. Sure its 2 years extra but most people take over pre-reqs or what not to raise GPA's, just pointing out a good opportunity here if your really devoted.

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So the undergrads take organic...I wonder why it isn't required for the independents? Maybe to keep us on our toes? ;)


Please be careful referring to community colleges as a whole as "not-hard." Just like you can't label all 4-yr schools as "hard." It depends on the prof, school, etc. There are "good C's" and "bad A's" worldwide. I took my prereqs at both kinds of schools and bashed many stereotypes I had on both ends, and I've *ahem* been around awhile.


I'm not part of the SJU community yet (at least not physically until this summer) but just wanted to add that regardless of where you do your prereqs, it's going to take around 2 years if you didn't major in science beforehand. (I assume that by '2 extra years' you are referring to independent applicants applying as undergrads rather than as indeps?) If you're an undergrad fresh out of high school, you're actually *saving* 2 years (bypassing 2 years of undergrad while getting the BS/PA-C and not the Master's)...


And if you get a chance and are interested, please come join the '12 Facebook group and meet some more people in your cohort :) There are a whopping 4 of us in there so far-- (I tried messaging the people in the Majors group but not everyone had their messages turned on...) We'd love to meet you guys!


Hopefully you've taken this post as clarifying as opposed to antagonistic...and looking forward to meeting you soon.



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