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New Grad- Job Interview Attire

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I agree that professional is better.

As a girl (ok, with grey hair) - I do not wear heels and would not wear them for an interview.

I have always been self conscious about cleavage and I don't like clothes that are revealing and more suited to the bar after work.

Look me in the EYES - my brain is up HERE.


Students have come into my clinics wearing "cute" but inappropriate for medical care. You shouldn't be able to look down the front of the blouse, etc.

So, don't dress in something that you can't pull off. Know how to tie a tie and make sure shirts are pressed and tucked in, etc.

Make sure your clothes fit properly and are hemmed.


When you get the job - you look at what others wear and you ask about a dress code. 

Some corporate medicine have big policies that are sometimes ridiculous.


I have to be able to get in the floor with a toddler or sit on a footstool to examine an ankle - dresses do not do that.

I detest white coats. Hate them. They are hot, pretentious, binding and perpetually dirty. I haven't worn one in over 20 years.

I dress to do my job effectively, humbly and comfortably with washable clothing as I am exposed to CDiff, MRSA and bodily fluids all day long that don't need to go live in my house.......................


Good luck with interviews. Dress sharp, feel smart, go to impress!

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you will never loose a job due to correct business attire - or even being slightly over dressed


you will however get crossed of the list for casual attire



As my career has progressed (with my age) I place less emphasis on this, but I still pulled out the suit for an interview....

Daily wear is dress slacks and nice monogrammed Under Armour short sleeve shirts.

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Do they expect you to wear a matching suit (like for PA school interviews) or can we dress like we normally did for rotations (business casual). For example, are cardigans okay with workpants/skirt or should you wear a matching blazer instead? 


NEVER underdress.  You will never go wrong overdressing, but you can go wrong with underdressing. 

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