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Help with Salary and Bonus for FL Ortho PA

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Hi, I am fairly new to the PA Forum, which is a great resource!!! Sorry, but this could be a long one!!

I am an Ortho PA for the past 3.5 yrs, PA for more than 18 yrs. 3 yrs ago joined this group working for 2 of 9 doc group. My 2 are the busiest, and rather frugal with a dollar. I started a little low, but the average for a PA in FL as I had been out of service for almost 4 yrs while in Med School(more on that later).

Started at $85, first year 8k bonus after working my butt off and finding that extra call, which is not paid call, was routine for these guys. Collections were in the $200k range. Trauma hospital and 4 others covered usually at the same time, 1wk per doc back to back. Have PTO, $2500 and a week CME, pay for my own health etc on the group plan, 401k after there one year which is contributed to by the Group at 3% of base salary. Last year $11K bonus, and this year $11k bonus, on $248K collections, with raises begged for and gotten and up to $93 base. Gross last year was $112K with some overtime from covering for vacant PA, ie call and many surgeries. No definitive bonus structure or definition and no contract.

My question is, is this what I should expect, or am I being nieve and getting pummeled and don't realize it.

One of the senior docs has told me to grow a pair and demand better bonuses. I am aware that one of the other PAs, who has a little more Ortho experience than me, but much less PA experience and less education is getting 50% of anything over 200K, with her base being higher than mine, with same time at the group, where she covers two docs and puts less time than I do as her two docs are less busy and they cover her weekends better on and off call.

Help me please with a definitive plan of 'up it or lose me, or shut up and be happy'.

Thanks for any advice.


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I remember when I was going through school a wise doc once said if you think about getting a test for a pt, order it. If you think you are getting underpaid then you are probably are. 112k might sound good but how many hours a week average did it take to get there? It sounds from your post that you are a go getter and a hard worker who puts in the time. It doesn't matter the 'average' for ortho PAs as it only matters what your counterpart I.E who you are negotiating with thinks you are worth. If they value your dedication and experience they should pony up some money. If not then you have to be willing to walk away. Or at least make it seem that way. If you allow people to take advantage of you they will. Bottom line. Stay strong and get what you deserve.

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