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Hey guys, so I decided to start this thread after receiving some bad news about my application this cycle. This was my first time applying and of course like many Pre-PA students, I didn't expect I would be receiving a rejection letter without even an interview. I now have the difficult task of evaluating myself as an applicant and seeing what I can do better for next time. I know my biggest weakness in my application was my grades. I worked full time and went to UT austin. My course load was always very heavy, taking between 15-17 hours each semester.  I am graduating early (this december) and no longer will be considered an undergraduate.


My pre-req grades are as follows: Psych B, Calc B+, Stats A, anatomy w/ lab B- , Physiology C+, Physiology lab A-, Ochem 1 C, Ochem lab B+, Microbiology B, Microbiology lab B, Biochemistry A, Genetics C+. My Overall GPA: 3.2 My Science GPA: 3.1 and My non-science GPA: 3.38

Any advice as to what I should do academically? Should I re-take some of these courses? I have heard in some cases it looks bad to simply re-take undergraduate courses because it looks like "oh I get it now", would it be better to enroll in graduate level courses in these areas?


I also feel like I set myself up for failure by waiting until September 28th to have everything submitted. I worked 80 hour weeks this summer, lost track of time and didn't make it a priority to finish my application early. For the next cycle I will do my best to apply early of course.


Regarding my letters of recommendation, I feel as if I had 5 very strong letters of recommendation this cycle. I had 2 professors (one of which used to be a PA), a current PA I shadowed, and two current employers (one health care related and one not). For reapplication, is it necessary to get new letters of recommendation or will my old 5 work? 


Regarding my GRE, I only took it once. My quantitative score was 151, my verbal score was 152, and my writing score was a 4. Should I re-take my GRE? Do schools even care much about this score?


My shadowing was 160 hours with a pediatric neurosurgery PA in Dallas Texas and I gained over 1,000 hours of hands on patient care working as a medication aid throughout college. I plan on gaining even more patient care hours since I will no longer be in college. 


My personal statement was pretty solid. I am confident in what I wrote. My question regarding this area is what are ways to make the personal statement better when re-applying? I know it's a big "no-no" to re-submit the same statement again. What are some good things to talk about in the re-write?


I have already requested a file evaluation but seeing as those don't come out until between February and may, I want to start taking action now to be better for next cycle. I know this is a lot to read and to look at. Any comments or advice you have for me would be wonderful, especially from those who have already re-applied and gotten in or from those who have gotten accepted period. I respect honesty so feel free to be as honest as you want, it only makes me better in the long run. Thank you so much for your time in reading this incredibly long post. 


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^^ That's good advice. I agree with 1) especially. Retake the courses you got C's in, first and foremost. I'd recommend doing them at a community college as these credits are accepted at UNTHSC and the smaller classroom vibe works as an advantage for many.


At the interview it was mentioned that even though the program's minimum GPA is 2.85 (which I vaguely remember it being mentioned that it may be be bumped up to 3.0 next cycle), the avg person accepted had around a 3.6-3.7 in their sGPA and regular GPA. People invited to the interview were very likely to be above at least one category of the average accepted student. You can find this info on their website which will list average GPAs, GRE percentile, etc. of the two previous classes. 


I'd focus less on retaking the GRE and more on perfecting that personal statement and GPA as already mentioned. Focus on how you improved your application and what you've done in the meantime that sets you apart from other applicants. Good luck.

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