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HCE: MA job with only CNA license...?

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After shadowing a PA at a fast-paced specialty office, I was offered an MA job working for that PA.  I recently finished a local community college CNA program, and that is the highest medical license I currently hold.


Will this job be an asset to my HCE for PA school or a grey area of liability..?  It seems like the best scenario- working for a PA, skipping the extra schooling for CMA and jumping straight into on the job training as a non-certified MA.  From my understanding, MA's are not required to be certified to work in my state.


Here's my concern.  During my CNA training, we were continuously reminded to not step over the boundary of our license by "performing nursing without a license".  Is this applicable to in-house trained non-certified MA's?  If I get a PA school interview, will they ask me about this?  The job would routinely require me to execute tasks such as electrodessication, suture removal, medication injections, etc.


Perhaps I'm worried about nothing and have a gem of an opportunity, but I'd rather thoroughly vet this in terms of legalities before investing a year of working fulltime at this job.






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I'm a clinic based EMT-B performing MA duties and all has been on the job training. 


It will be an asset to your HCE for PA school...but think of it as a learning experience investment regarding pt presentation for certain illnesses.


If the state does not require a MA cert then you are worried for nothing. Take the opportunity if you are willing to learn a ton :) 

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